Coahoma County now an ACT Work Ready community

The Clarksdale/Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Coahoma County is now a certified ACT Work Ready Community (WRC). The certification will support Coahoma County in economic development, industry recruitment, and bolster existing industry by linking workforce development to education and employers’ needs. The Clarksdale/Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce has been working towards the certification for the past two years, but accelerated those efforts beginning in October 2017.

“We are so pleased to be the fifth county in the Mississippi Delta and only the seventh of the 82 counties in the State of Mississippi to reach ACT Certified Work Ready Status”, stated Jon Levingston, Executive Director of the Clarksdale/Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce.  “I want to thank Mike Philpot of Delta Council and its Delta Strong program, Cary Karlson of the Washington County Economic Alliance, the Delta Regional Authority, and Ron Hudson, former executive director of our Chamber of Commerce for their support and guidance. Additionally, I wish to thank Shirlaurence Fair, Steven Jossell, and Rone Walker for their strong support of this initiative. A special thanks goes out to Frank Howell of the Delta Council for funding to support the testing of high school students.”

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